I am not a huge bread eater. You know, the type of person that must have cannot survive without a bread product at the dinner table. I thank my mother for that because if I was I swear I would be enormous. I once dated a guy that had to have a loaf of bread on the table for every meal, Wonder or Roman Meal, it didn't matter just some sort of bread-dammit, Now go fix me a Turkey Pot Pie.

At our house we tend to limit the bread with a meal in order to get everyone to eat the actual meal and not just the dinner roll. But I never did get on that bandwagon of a burger with no bun or a wrap with a huge piece of lettuce instead of a tortilla. (Unless it is Lettuce wraps from PF Changs then I am all over the no carb craze)

But times....they are a'changin:

Homemade Whole Wheat sandwich bread. Delicious! I made this on Saturday and my house still smells like a bakery.

(Did you know that I almost rented an apartment right above a Great Harvest Bread Company when I moved to Chicago? My roommate and I both were estactic over the aroma wafting up through the hardwood floor but we were not thrilled with the tub rigged with a shower smack dab in the middle of the kitchen......uh no.)

I used this recipe and it was super simple but makes a TON. I am all thinking "my Kitchen Aid mixer is bigger than yours" (sing-song voice) to the comments but no, the dough rose over and beyond the dough hook attachment. That was probably the only difficult part, that and the waiting and wanting. It made 3 large loafs and 1 smaller one that in a normal size bread pan would have been fine. I decided to try cinnamon swirl bread with the puny loaf.

I added flax seed meal to boost the nutrients and I used 1/3 honey and 1/3 brown sugar instead of just brown. (those that know me know I mock the organic but my next post will explain why I might have to hand it to the tree huggers)

I also experimented with slashing down the middle trying to be the Split Top Mama. That failed. I have no idea when in the process you are suppose to make the split? Before the second rise, after the rise and before the oven? Who knows.

Being the Hannah Homemaker that I am *cough*cough* I cut all of these loafs for sandwich style bread. I then bagged 2 loaves and froze them. Seriously, I am getting scared of my future. I am thinking it will either involve buying a Jim Giles Safe Room and installing it under the cover of night and filling it full of food for when the market collapses OR I will be entertaining folks in a pioneer outfit and apron at Silver Dollar City.

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