Nothing screams awesome parenting like dropping your kid off at school and realizing you forgot it was free dress day. I saw the kids in jeans before Anna did and I actually held my breath hoping she wouldn't notice that they weren't wearing uniform khakis. No such luck. Instead, I spent the rest of the day, at work, remembering how I dropped my baby girl off at school with tears in her eyes and watched her try to be cool and not cry.

Mother of the Year, I am not....but bearer of all mom-guilt, yes, that crown goes to me.
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  1. Jkhb Says:

    Everyone forgets that kind of stuff every once in a while, At least you didn't forget to pick her up after school or something like that. I forget at Jeana's school which friday is EAGLE PRIDE day so I compensate by having her where her school T-shirt most friday's just in case. Give yourself a break!

  2. Crockstar Says:

    But I HAVE forgottne to pick her up. She has brownies every other Friday and I had it in my head 4:45 was the pick up time. It wasn't it was 4:15 and I totally had attitude with her troop leader for clsoing the meeting early. Not a good moment, much apologizing.

    Oh, I so know about missing spirit day. I am right there with ya.