Since when did I become someone who looked old enough to be asked, isn't this a great price for bell peppers? and can you remember when peppers were this low? The lady asking me had to have been ten to fifteen years older than my mother. She was serious too. It wasn't like she was making idle chit chat it was more along the lines of remember when Kennedy was shot? My own mother is not convinced of my maturity she still thinks she has to call to remind me of doctor appointments or to call my grandmother.

What's next? yelling Turn That Music Down? I have accepted the 3-5 day hangover and the dry scaly hands but those were personal and I thought hidden signs of no longer being 29. But to now suddenly jump to discussing the price of produce? Oh no she didn't!
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  1. I'm still not used to the check-out boys calling me "Maam". As if....

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  3. Crockstar Says:

    I have gotten used to being called "Anna's Mom" a couple of years ago but I was completely surprised this weekend at the grocery store. I had two thoughts, one cool I am actually looked at as a novice shopper and then second, hey wait a minute what makes you think I have been grocery shopping long enough to know?!