You are getting much bigger and more active. You still sleep alot but your ADD with chew toys has vanished. For a full five minutes, maybe longer, you will now chew on the toy we give you to keep you from chewing on us, the carpet, and the furniture and I think that is progress. You still do not answer to your name, Millie, and you fail to come when we call you, but we will continue to work on that. You will be trained with food rewards that will have to be completely cut out of your life as an adult due to hip problems prevalent in labs of your stature. Please don't hate me then or beg too much, it will break my heart.

When you nap you let it all hang out. No modesty for you, if we don't like we have to look away. And I try not to think of what the boys will think of you when you get older. Girls that let it all hang out do not have the best reputation, but your beautiful green eyes and brown hair might make up for it.

You love to get under the couch. Lately you are whimpering just a bit when you are trying to get out. Pretty soon your parents will have to lift both ends up to extract you from your hidey hole. Will you learn then?

You still have some of you baby teeth. I dread the day I am walking barefoot on the rug and your fang lodges into my foot, because I am a little protective of my foot right now. Yesterday, we had a plumber at the house and you whimpered and cried the whole time, scared of his noisy drill. I laughed at your fear, I hope this won't scar you.

As I write this, I know I am jinxing myself but, you have seem to have conquered the crucial period of puppyhood, potty training. You have not had a single accident in over a week and you go out through the doggy door on your own. Our little Millie, you are growing up and soon I will not be able to lift you.

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