The guys didn't leave until 3:30 this afternoon. I was amazed that they could stand the heat for that long. But look what they accomplished today on our house.

Power Washing the outside and gutters

Caulking all seams and cracks (2 cases of caulk!!)

Spackling and caulking old peeling paint and split wood.

Tearing out crumbling caulking and replacing with new.

That's Paul, he is from Argentina. He moved his family here so his wife could live by her sister who moved here with her husband in the early 90's. Isn't that sweet? Actually, all the husbands moved here from Argentina so the five sisters could live near each other. My dad has hired all of the brother-in-laws at one time or another, and some of them have gone on to create their own businesses. Paul has worked for my dad since 1996. During that time he has painted all of our houses: my parents, three of mine, three of my middle sister's houses, and two of my youngest sister's houses. He is the best! He used to be really impressed that I listened to the Gypsy Kings and knew a little Spanglish.

At the end of the day this is what we have. A house that is sealed and ready for paint. Vertical stripes are so slimming.
We are going to buy a new railing at Lowes and it will be painted the same white as the trim.

Look at that seam. No wonder they went through over 24 tubes of caulk.

The guys will be back next weekend unless one of my dad's other jobs starts falling behind schedule. Remember, cross your fingers, rub a rabbit's foot, hold up one leg, and say the Lord's Prayer. I am on cloud nine. My dad has actually been able to make this happen and I am slowing letting my expectations rise. I cannot thank him enough. If I can get him to stay for dinner I might just make his favorite, Hungarian Goulash.
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