Because I am feeling a little onery and they say it is cathartic to write your feelings down I am posting the letter I just spewed out. Because of Anna's six day hospital stay we obviously met our $4000 deductible, so I only have two days to get prescriptions filled for zero co-payment. I started this on Tuesday, December 23rd and as of 2:00pm, today the 30th, I have had no response from my doctor's office. I have had issues before but was too lazy to make a change.

I still can't decide if I should send this or not but wow, it really did feel good to write it. And boy, oh boy, am I long winded. Am I one of those people that tell a story that goes on and on and on? Don't answer that. This is when being a to the point male would come in handy.

Dear Dr. Raisinbottom*,

I have been a patient of yours since you were located in Pygmie Physicians Building on Utopia*. Even though I lived in Geriatricville* and then in the Yuppyrainbowville* area I continued to see you when you moved South and then further South. This was because I really liked being under your care. So much so that I referred my friends and colleagues to you and they are now some of your patients. You also became my daughter's pediatrician once we moved to Tulsa.

Maybe this is where the problem lies, you are overbooked. I have had several instances where I was unable to get an appointment with you within a weeks time. I understand requesting an appointment for the same day and not being able to see you and having to see another doctor within your practice. However, two years ago I was released from the Hospital after having chest pains and I was to have a follow up visit with you following my release. The earliest appointment I was able to get was two weeks from the day I called. I informed the receptionist that you were the one to tell me to go to the hospital and not come to your office and that the Drs. at Pygmie* said I needed to see my primary care physician right away. Still no appointment until two weeks later. I tried to be called in case of a cancellation but was told your office doesn't do that.

There have been basic customer service issues with the receptionist at the desk because I signed in on the wrong clipboard, updating again my information after giving the correct information on the previous visit, or when I was overcharged and had to walk the person who could give me a credit through the steps in order to correct the billing. Before your office had the outgoing message regarding contacting my pharmacy for a refill I was completely chastised for calling your office directly. That was a common occurrence because your other patients, that I worked with, had the same issue and were completely taken aback with how rude your office was when requesting a refill.

The lack of customer service and professionalism was something I, and my friends that are now your patients, take in stride because you and Towanda* (her nurse) are wonderful-once we actually get to see you.

Last month, when you were too busy to see my daughter and she ended up being admitted to St. Howmuchisthisgoingtocost* for six days, I switched her to Dr. Newbie* because she seemed to really click with Anna. Now, I am going to look for another primary care physician for myself.

I called on December 23rd requesting Towanda's* voicemail or to call me back regarding my prescriptions and the receptionist said she was Towanda's* screener and that I needed to tell her what prescriptions I needed. Frankly, after dealing with your office staff and knowing several people that work in medical offices I do not feel like talking to anyone about my prescription or medical needs besides you or Towanda*. On Tuesday, the 23rd, she took my message and I received no call back. Monday, December 29th, I called and spoke with Melissa (that is her real name). I explained to her that I had met my deductible of $4000 and needed to get my prescriptions filled before the end of the year. She understood and since I already knew the hoops I had to jump through from my previous call I gave her my prescription requests. No call back and the pharmacy does not have the script. Today, December 30th, I call again and strongly request that someone call me back. Yea, yea okay.

I am so happy that you have a successful practice and I still think you are a wonderful doctor and very thorough. However, since it has become more difficult to deal with your office staff than I am willing to wade through, I am going to look for another doctor. In most situations I would not take the time to explain why since it is my choice and my money but I wanted you to know it was not YOU but your practice that I do not want to deal with. I will always remember how caring and kind you, your nurses, and the lab were when I returned from Asia so sick I thought I would never get better. Thank you.

*names and places changed for the hell of it

I think I will sleep on it, pare it down, and send it. Now to search for a new doctor..........
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4 Responses
  1. I think it sounds great as is. It's not rude, but states your case clearly. Your doctor needs to know what's happening with her front desk and why she's losing patients.

  2. Jkhb Says:

    I think you should sent it, A lot of time the doctors don't realize how rude their office is. I think you should be able to get a refill in a 24 hour period.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    I definitely think you should let the doctor know how you're feeling. My doctor has always been great about my refills, and pretty much everything else.

  4. Crockstar Says:

    OOh-kay. I am going to fax this to her office. Watch they won't even let her see it. I just love her as a doctor but her gatekeepers? uh, not so much. New year, new doctor.

    Thanks guys!