I am not a big New Years Resolution person. Mainly because I try to avoid failure not seek it out. But internally I make my own pacts with myself, and those internal pacts...well, I need to re-negotiate. Today was the first real day of my 2009 because since January 1st I have been cocooned in my casa, not in my snuggli-even though Tony says he will divorce me if I bought one, I know he would be all over it. I went back to work today and I proved what I already knew about myself, I have no will power. This is what I did not resolve do do per say but what I thought would be nice and helpful if I could accomplish in 2009.
  • Get up early like when my husband gets into the shower so that I could do my devotions. Instead, I turned over onto my stomach and snoozed until he sat down beside me to put on his shoes....Viva 2008!
  • Watch what I eat. Oh I did, I watched myself in an almost out of body experience unwrap and eat six, count 'em, six Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate bars. I am all about being retro!
  • Dress more professionally-with makeup. Half of me was all about this new resolution. The half that doesn't wear jeans and does wearing glasses with makeup count as trying?
  • Give my husband the sexy, provocative woman that he married twenty pounds ago. Is it really my fault that mother nature created a roadblock?
  • Stay off the internet while at work. Are you freaking kidding me?? there is no way, I tried until 8:45 and then was all who cares? I never wrote these resolutions down, who was the actual person that thought of resolutions? The internet is what makes my job bearable, so it actually helps my job.

Oh, I have more but then I would be committed and I would hate to be a disappointment. Instead, if in fact I actually do follow through with my resolutions ideas then I will be all about the bragging come December 2009.

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