Before I get any emails about how unsafe a trampoline is without the safety net let me just say this. I don't care. I am heartless, mean, and do not care about the safety of my children, because if I did I would have a net, helmets, knee pads, and a first alert necklace portrayed in the picture. But they had the best time! Tony and I watched from the warmth of our living room while Anna and the neighborhood kids tried to jump in the snow and ice that had accumulated on our trampoline. They decided to do this after walking the creek behind our neighborhood and trying to use a sled on our street's 20 degree incline.

They had to work together to get into an upright position because if one person stood up the ice would make the other two slide toward the middle. They were falling, screaming, and laughing the entire time while I just silently prayed no one got hurt.

Every once in a while the three of them would get up and there would be a couple of quick jumps. I found out later they also had the feeling of suspense hinking the trampoline was going to break through. But they spent the majority of the time rolling around and while trying to keep the snow and ice from going down their pants.

Anna was not very successful with that task due to her affinity to making all jeans low-riders. Her pants were completely covered inside and out with snow and ice and I still had to drag her into the house to warm up. Hot chocolate with marshmallows did the trick.
3 Responses
  1. monica Says:

    You know, I read it somewhere that the trampolines with the net have the highest number of accidents. Go figure! LOL

  2. Jkhb Says:

    Looks like fun, Jeana can find danger no matter what and we don't even HAVE a trampoline. Jeana went out an played too.. I had to make her come in also.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love it! And I love the "I don't care" statement at the beginning. I'm happy the kids had a great time and no one got hurt. Probably the reason for more accidents with the net is due to the fact that people are more careless thinking there is a safety net while people are more careful with out it knowing there is nothing to save them other than themselves being careful.