Several years ago, while working at Montgomery Wards buying office, I read the book Who Moved My Cheese. It became apparent that I was more of a sniffer mouse even though I am a control freak. The ability to accept change and continue to find different ways of doing things has helped with life's challenges. Being a single mother, moving, getting married again, job changes, and now, deciding that our family will be a one-income family for the next two years, will put my self diagnosed personality trait to the test.

We have decided that my husband will not look for another job within his previous area of expertise but instead he will pursue an education in the health care field. He has not made a decision on which particular field of study he will pursue; but plans on making that decision this week after speaking with advisers at the various schools in our area. His graduated with a B.S. in Biology so we are hoping many of his credits will transfer and be applicable to a RN degree or Radiology. He hopes to find a part time job at one of the local hospitals and possibly receive a scholarship or signing bonuses.

I do not know all the details but as he hammers out his options I will have a clearer picture. But I do know he is taking this opportunity to make a significant career change and I could not be happier for him. Seriously. I have had this complete feeling of elation that things are going to be so good for us, hard and difficult, but content and happy.

I came home from work today to a spotless house, all the laundry done, and all the beds changed and remade. Wow! The only thing I asked was for me to keep the cooking and the vacuuming. But tonight I was so happy and felt so good coming home to a house that didn't need cleaning up that I relented and told Tony the vacuuming is all his.

The other HUGE thing for us is Anna is leaving daycare and she will be staying home with Tony. Just writing that makes me tear up. Since I divorced while pregnant I have never had the opportunity to stay home with Anna. She has been in daycare since she was four weeks old. We told her last night about all the changes and that Tony would be picking her up from school and staying with her. When she heard that she squealed and did a little jump while hugging Tony. Of course, Anna being Anna, immediately takes it to the next level saying that now Tony could come eat lunch with her and then take her to the little cafe all the SAHMs go to Tuesday after school.

Changes are definitely going to take place in our household and the cheese might stink at times but surely all the reading of frugal blogs I have done will now serve a purpose.

I have much more about dealing with the ex-wife, not pretty, and the Aldi versus Sams, versus Wal-Mart price comparison we did Saturday. But I am going to go over our new budget with my husband and talk about our new awesome future. Two things, thank you so much for the emails and comments, thank you, thank you!! and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is $1.29 at Aldi!!!
3 Responses
  1. Jkhb Says:

    You never know what God will use to change your life. Tell Tony he can come Vaccum at my house too!!! I'm so glad that your daughter gets some guy time with your husband. That is important too.

  2. monica Says:

    Your family situation sounds a lot like mine. I just quit my job last week, so we are a one income family also. Plus, I'm going back to school in Sept. I'm applying to the RN program AND the Radiology program at our local school. I will do the one I get accepted into first. LOL

    My husband was laid off for 3 months last winter. I promise you, he was a much better housewife than I am. LOL. I would come home to delicious meals and a clean house. I missed that when he went back to work!

  3. April Spicer Says:

    I'm so happy for you guys!! What peace you must feel even among so much change. Tony sounds wonderful and I'm sure he could use this giant change of pace for awhile. May God bless every detail in this new journey. And even if you don't blog about it, email me with your price comparisons regarding sams, walmart and aldi. I'm SO interested. I have all 3 of those stores and for now, have resolved that Aldi is pretty darn great. Let me know!