Before I even start this post if you are interested in an apples to apples comparison please read Shannon's post on shopping at Aldi. She does an actual worksheet comparing basic items she regularly buys at Walmart and what like items cost at Aldi. My post, well I did write down the things that I generally buy at Sams, but uh, I forgot to write what Aldi cost breakdown (oz,lb $) was. But, I do still have my receipt. So this is for you April because you are so sweet and have all three near you and for you, LouAnn, the Aldi pioneer, to give Aldi a second chance because they take debit cards now. No more loading up your rented basket only to be turned away when you pull out your MasterCard.

Our shopping trip was not quick, it took some time. We started at Sams to price the meat and bulk items, breaking them down into cost per units (don't do this, look to the bottom and in tiny print you will see it-learned this on our return trip, DUH....) and then we went to Aldi. We dragged Anna along and she only perked up once, when she got to retrieve the quarter from returning the grocery cart at Aldi. I let her keep it and then told her we were going back to Sams.

Here it is:
Cereal is must buy at Aldi. Most kid cereals are all $1.29 and their brand of Special K and more adult cereal was somewhere around $2.49.
  • Frosted Shredded Wheat was $1.79
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios was $1.89
  • Bag of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks was $2.89
  • Bag of baby carrots was $.99
  • Sour Cream was $.89!! and not the tiny tub
  • 8 0z block of cream cheese was $.99
  • 4 sticks of unsalted butter was $1.99!!!
  • roll of sausage was $1.89
  • boxes of instant Mac-n-Cheese were $.35
  • 8 whole English Muffins were $.99!!
  • Large bottle of Vegetable oil was $2.29
  • 1 lb. bag powdered sugar was $1.19

But meat, for us, was less expensive at Sams. I say for us because if you could not afford to buy meat in bulk for $20 then Aldi would be a great place. But per pound for meat prices, Sams is better. Here are the prices that I wrote down from Sams:

  • Boston Butt, $1.68/lb
  • Brisket, $2.90/lb
  • Chuck Roast, $3.29
  • Ground Beef 80/20, $2.68, but in the 10lb tube $2.48
  • Bone in Chicken Breast, $1.79/lb
  • 6lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts/2.16lb, it is cheaper to buy the fresh cut and then wash and lay on wax paper on a cookie sheet in the freezer and freeze individually. The non frozen breasts are bigger too.
  • 25lb bag all purpose flour, $.31/lb
  • Sugar, $.52/lb
  • Non-Instant Rice, $.43/lb or $.05/oz
  • Instant Rice, $.84/lb
  • Uncle Bens, $.11/oz
  • Ramen Chicken Noodle, $.16/bag
  • Mac-n-Cheese, $.61/box

Does this mean I am going to actually do a price book? I don't think so but I definitely think I might as well put a few singles in a pile and light them if I don't continue to shop at Aldi. I just think it would be nuts not to. Because Aldi is not near us and the closest one to us prompted my husband to wish for his concealed weapon permit, it is not very convenient. However, since last Saturday, a week later, all we had to buy at the large grocery store .25 miles from our house was milk.

By the way, a full week of Tony staying home and I still love it. So incredibly nice and Janelle, Anna is very excited to spend time with him. Monica, your career change is exactly like Tony's, he is enrolling for both, radiology and RN, and whatever comes first is what he will do. Hope this little bit of comparison shopping info helps. If there is something you want me to check at Aldi's for you let me know and I will on my next visit.

2 Responses
  1. monica Says:

    Our nearest Aldi's is about an hour away from us. But it is in the town my MIL lives in. We go visit her once a week anyway. So I think I'll take a cooler along and stop in to see what I can get. I used to shop there all the time when I lived there.

    We don't have a Sam's near either. We do have a Save A Lot. It's along the lines of Aldi.

    Thanks for the comparison!

  2. Jkhb Says:

    I sometimes shop at Save a lot also and Aldi's but tell Tony Aldi's make me nuts sometimes too. We have a Sam's here and I do like their big things of meat. The baby back ribs are cheaper at Sam's and you can break them down to like little half racks we do 4 ribs per person and have them for a special dinner. Thanks for the nice things you said about my slide show.