Tomorrow morning is going to come early for me. I have a plane to catch at 6 a.m.!

For where you ask? Well I will tell you, Waco, yes, Waco, Texas as in Waco of the Branch Dividians Waco.

Why in the world would I go there you ask? Well duuuhhh, To get my hair done. Haven't you heard Waco is the mecca for perfect hair?

Ok, here's the deal. I have always been blonde, always. Sometimes a lighter shade of blonde then what is found in nature, even Swedish nature. Other times my hair has been a golden shade of blonde which brings out the roseace healthy blushing bride complexion that makes me look like I have a perpetual sunburn. And the best shade of blonde was when there was a slight green tint to it, and not because of chlorine.

For many years I was my natural color which is the exact shade of dark blonde my daughter has. But then I decided to dye it a dark chestnut red just for kicks and because I was going to India. The previous trip to India involved some pictures on the street with pubescent boys asking to take my picture with their cell phones. So to avoid that whole freakville, I dyed it dark red. I loved it! For THREE whole months.

After three months I couldn't take it anymore. My clothes didn't match my hair, my makeup was all wrong for it, the red color washed out so fast I was spending a fortune applying red rinse. So I wanted to go back to blonde.

When my hair was LITERALLY smoking inside the plastic cap while I sat under the dryer I should have known it was going to be like straw when it was finished. It was. So for two years I have been growing that out. Quite successfully I thought. Apparently not, at least not by the new hairdresser I started going to. She didn't exactly pick up a strand of my hair and demonstrate how distasteful she thought it was by bending it in half and thereby breaking off my ends without scissors (that soooo happened to me when I lived in Redondo Beach, so embarrassing) But she was subtly pestering me to go brown.

I know the saying is once you go brown you never Oh wait that is something else! Anyway, I gave in. In November of last year I let her dye my hair brown, dark brown. It was so incredibly soft. I couldn't believe it. I loved it! If I didn't want to dry it all the way the waves didn't look all dry and flyaway. There was a texture there that showed all my layers and since I had to dye my eyebrows to match I finally had some without pencil. It was wonderful. For awhile. Not anymore.

The novelty has worn off. The vegetable dye on my eyebrows to match my new hair color has worn off too. I was so over the brown thing. In February I went back for highlights to gradually bring my blonde hair back to a more natural setting. (Picture a deer in the wild)

The appointment in February was completely disappointing. $$$ 168 $$$ later and I looked exactly the freaking same as I did when I walked in for my appointment. **%$#@*!!! And no I didn't ask for my money back. And no, lovely wonderful hubby, I didn't know that within those 300 pieces of foil with pasty goo all over them the color was still brown.

This brings me to why I am going to Waco, Wacko, whatever. My sister lives there. Again. And her hair is gorgeous, gorgeous hair that she always gets back when she moves to or visits Waco. (Her husband is with the Athletic Dept at Baylor) The color is perfect, the style is perfect (too short for me but still perfect), the highlights are perfect. And you know what she pays? a whopping FORTY-FIVE $ for it!

See, why I am going? It's a wash. My ticket was $121 and the color will be $45. Plus I will have what I want and I am not leaving until I have the color codes in hand.

Now everyone can just stop with the "Are you ever going back to your natural color?", "I didn't know you were planning on staying a brunette." "I can't get used to you in that hair color."

I am going back people. Back to my roots. The roots you will soon see in about SIX weeks!
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  1. If you come back with brown hair, my may just explode...