First grade is probably not a pivotal moment in the education process. I have come to terms with that long ago. I read Love and Logic and I was happy to hand over the responsibility of learning to a teacher. Have at it! If the teacher can get her to second grade then I will be happy. It is already apparent that she will exceed my math skills in two short years. Not hard to do since I somehow got a Bachelors degree with only taking one math elective.

She has ten spelling words every week. By the end of the year she will know enough of the basic words to read and understand at her grade level. She has been writing her spelling words 5x every night to prepare for her test on Friday. This is not required by her teacher but it is something I think is important and I think fundamental, correct spelling leads to understanding phonics, leads to reading, which leads to comprehension. I could be wrong but it is my theory and I am sticking to it.

The first month of school Anna was getting 100% on each test. I was not sure this was possible having quizzed her Friday morning on the way to school. She does like to push buttons but I was pretty sure she should have missed a couple spelling words. When the third perfect test came home I asked her about it. She told me completely innocent like that she was looking at the spelling words that are put in her agenda each week. "All the other kids were doing it. "

I explained that this was called cheating and it was not right and a form of lying. I truly think she had no idea of the concept of cheating. First graders buying tests on the sly? writing answers on their shoes? doubt it but they are maturing faster. Anna and I went in and talked to her teacher and she learned a valuable lesson, early.

Because she has had 16 spelling test in a row with a perfect score I have let her off the hook with the whole writing the words 5x each night. I had noticed an improvement with her reading and thought she didn't need the extra non-assigned work.

Fast forward to this Friday morning. I am driving her to her bus while holding the list of spelling words in my hand. She got the first few perfect, I was all about the positive praise. But then came the word 'FIRST' not a hard word considering that is the grade she is in all flippin year.

Me: Spell FIRST
Her: f-i-r-s
Her: f-i-s-t
Me: You spelled fist not first try again.
Her: f-r-s-t
Me: what's the vowel? come on pay attention
Her: f-i-r-t
Me: Are you kidding me?!! How can you not know this?!! You are in FIRST grade!!
Her: f-r-i-t
Me: FIRST, FIRST like FIRST grade THE ONE YOU ARE IN and have been ALL YEAR!!

The bus is ready to leave and she is ignoring me and getting her backpack. As she is closing the door I yell:


Yea, that is some great parenting, I was telling my own kid to throw the test.
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  1. Sandra Says:

    LOL the things we have to do as parents.

    I completely understand how you feel though, I mean if Jasmine was doing the same thing I would be livid....but then again, like you say, they don't really understand the concept of cheating.