A little boy in Anna's first grade class threw up today. In empathy Anna threw up too, twice. I was called to come get her at school just before noon. She is lying on the couch watching Dr. Doolittle IIXVII and I am in the kitchen. With Dina.

Teacher Appreciation Week is going on at Anna's school. On Monday I made the Pillsbury million dollar prize winning recipe, Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookie, and Anna brought a dozen to her teacher with a note that said her teacher was worth $1,000,000 but since we don't have it maybe a $1,000,000 cookie would do. Such cleverness.....

Thursday is a teacher breakfast. I volunteered to make The Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. This will be about the tenth time I have made these and each time is better than the first. Well definitely the first because I was in complete denial that anything outside of a Paula Deen recipe would take that much butter. I was wrong, and thank you Tresh for setting me straight and making me follow a recipe. But I have ended up deleting the Maple extract from the icing and now even I think these are the best cinnamon rolls ever. The first 36 teachers through the teacher's lounge door are going to love these cinnamon rolls.

I have the dough for the cinnamon rolls rising right next to the dough for Suzanne's Grandmother Bread. This smells so good and it hasn't even baked yet. My neighbor across the street has been sick and I think she might really enjoy a loaf. If not I know I will. The whole loaf. To myself. With butter. In the guest bedroom where no one will see me.

I am also making breakfast biscuits to freeze. These are the perfect running out the door we are going to be late breakfast. They are easy to make too, refrigerator flaky layer biscuits, sausage, velveeta cheese, and egg mixture. I will post the recipe when I finish making them.

Oh! For dinner we are having the Mac and Cheese from Ree's site. I think I am craving carbs.

I figure if I do all the things that I would love to do everyday as a Stay at Home Mom I will just automagically become one someday.
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  1. Sandra Says:

    Sounds like you've been busy.

    I have yet to make Ree's cinnamon rolls, it makes so much and it's just 4 of us but I may just do it when I'm back home next week, there's like 25 people in the family LOL

    Hope Anna is feeling better!

  2. I did not know that it was Teachers appreciation week. I'll have to send something to the school tomorrow..
    I hope you have a great day..