Step families are quite common now days and if you don't actually live in one you at least have contact with one. I know when I was growing up in the 80's our town did not have many step families but there were a few. There was one family in particular that blended the mother's three teenager girls with the father's teenage sons (I think he had three too). I was always curious how things worked in their family, in particular sharing the bathroom and getting ready in the morning.

I had enough trouble with my younger sisters trying to embarrass me in front of friends and family and I will never forget the huge fights we had over who was in the kids bathroom the longest. When you are a teenager appearance is everything and secrets were not exactly padlocked and kept in a vault. Clearasil and Oxy were big in the 80's and they had yet to invent the disappearing formula. And who can forget the required head braces that last year of teeth straightening. How did this small town Brady Bunch family maintain their privacy? These kids all went to the same high school together and all the girls were absolutely beautiful and the boys were pretty hot too.

Well I am now livin' the dream! We all grew up wanting to be step parents right? No? That wasn't part of ya'lls future plans? Those fairy tale stories about the wonders and magical life of being a stepmother didn't make you yearn to be Cinderella's nemesis?

There is something that is inherent in our step family and that is modesty and the complete clothing of ones self when you open your bedroom door. And we have little kids 9, 7, and 4. But even during a storm when one of the kids knocks on the door TD pulls on a T-shirt before opening the door. If his kids are at our house I put my robe on over my pajamas. The kids do too. (Well mine is suddenly coming downstairs in underwear and a T-shirt which is what prompted this post)

It is not that we would be running around willy nilly in our birthday suits if we were a biological family, I seriously doubt that. But I have noticed differences in our behavior if just our bio kids are in the house. For instance, if Anna is the only kid for the weekend I will run upstairs and change clothes without shutting my bedroom door. If my step kids were there and even if they were outside playing I would shut the door just in case they came upstairs. A little over a month ago Anna was gone and we just had my step kids. TD did something I had never seen him do. He went out into the hall in just his boxers! No T-shirt and shorts. I do not think we consciously think about it. Like I said it is just this inherent thing we do, do not expose skin to steps.

This is just a tiny little peek into step life that sets us apart from biological families. Not that I ever, and I stress ever saw my mother naked. OH no! But my dad occasionally came out into the hall in his boxers to tell all three of us to quit fighting or else! But I think there is a more freedom--not quite the right word--with various stages of dress inside of a biological family.

But like I said I am livin' the dream and so far so good. And when we have a moment without any children........TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!
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