Milo, our cat loves to bring us dead or semi-conscious nature specimens presents. Most of the time she only catches small mice and will carry them through the cat door in her mouth with their tail whipping about her face. Many times the kids will let us know that Milo has something in her mouth by ominously calling their dad's name to come here fast. However, if she is able to make it through the house undeterred her favorite spot to kill and maim play with her gift for us is in our bedroom. She likes to let the mouse go and watch it scurry under our dresser, chest, chair, and bed while she chases it about. Eventually my strong brave husband will respond to my hysteria using a Wal-mart sack and his hand as the weapon of choice. If the rodent of the day is in good shape and has the chance of a full life rooting around in our garbage then he lets it go. If it looks like it might not make it and the DNR is in order he "takes care of it".

On Mother's Day we were sitting around the dining room table when TD spotted Milo coming through the dining room. He thought he saw something in her mouth but he wasn't going to say anything to entice the pandemonium that was sure to ensue. But when the cat came around my mother's chair and he saw four legs kicking he knew he had to act fast before Milo laid her Mother's Day present on my pillow. TD calmly got up from the head of the table grabbed Milo in the foyer at the base of the stairs and wrenched her prey from her mouth.


She freaking had a bunny! How in the world she did that I do not know. She only has about four teeth and she is de-clawed in the front. What a huntress!

Man, I am so thankful she was caught. When she caught a dove last summer it suffered its untimely death in our bedroom and that was pretty gross to clean up. Feathers were everywhere.

It is wonderful to know that your pet loves you and wanted to be a part of the Mother's Day celebration but if I thought cleaning up pee from the Chihuahua was bad I would have had a complete mind snap cleaning up Little Bunny Foo Foo.
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  1. Oh no!

    I bet that was a shocker.. Well.. did the bunny live?

    I hope you otherwise, had a good Mothers day...