I love to find good deals. But, I am not a huge shopper. Ever since being a buyer and repeatedly walking the markets here in the US and overseas, the idea of randomly shopping without a specific target killed my shopping bug. Too bad because my shopping bug was finally coming out of the larvae stage after working retail and every Christmas for ten years. However, I occasionally get out and zero in on certain stores and items. My husband tells me that I seem to get a little high/tipsy/buzzed when I buy something I find fantastic. The degree of euphoria increases with the more money I am able to save.

Therefore, I was literally walking on air the other weekend when we stumbled onto this headboard while seeking air conditioning in a furniture store. This headboard was in the "As-Is" section marked down to $29.95 from $595.00! It came in an unopened box since it was not damaged just discontinued. The footboard was only $19.95 but I left that at the store. I figured I could cover up the fact we have a queen size bed with a king size headboard. I just don't think covering the foot of the bed in pillows and leaning the footboard against the bed will work.

Because the headboard has not moved from in front of the piano since we brought it home, I get to have a good little buzz every time I walk into my family room. Just imagine what it will be like when it actually gets put into the bedroom.

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3 Responses
  1. louann Says:

    That's insane. $29.95 probably doesn't cover the cost of the wood. Way to go!

  2. Sandra Says:

    WOW that is a great find and it's beautiful :)

  3. Crockstar Says:

    I KNOW! Can you believe it??!! I stood next to it while Tony went and got a sales associate. I told two people who were looking at it that I had already bought it. I kept telling Tony "Don't ask any questions. This can't be the right price." Seriously, even if I bought this from the factory in China it would be more than $29.95. I am so excited.

    I forgot to mention that it doesn't match my other bedroom furniture. But for that price? Okay, maybe I am a little too giddy.