When we were getting ready for bed I commented to my husband that this was the first holiday where nothing was planned to the max. And I LOVED it for that reason. We started off going to a neighborhood parade where the kids decorated their bikes and rode behind a firetruck. A girlfriend from high school organizes this huge party every year. It just so happens that another high school friends lives in the same development and she invited our kids to participate in the parade. They loved it. I had no idea that a fire hose could spray water that far. There was face painting, goodie bags, and firemen how could you ask for more?

After we went swimming for a couple of hours we came home and waited out the "When are we going to light fireworks?", "Is it time yet?", "When will it be dark?", "Can I light the biggest one?" Good times.

My dad, being the pyromaniac of the family, bought the kids a huge box of fireworks. When they got tired of the sparklers and started in on all the questions I had them kill time channeled their energy by yelling at them suggesting that they should line up the fireworks in the order they wanted them to be lit. It actually worked!

The four year old has switched his loyalties. He no longer shadows his oldest sister. He prefers instead to be near, at all times, my daughter. Initially she loved it. Someone to boss around, perfect. But after moving her chair further away from his she began to realize what a heavy burden adoration can be.

"But he is sitting right next to me and I am hot." Paybacks are a bitch sweetie.

Eventually he got very tired because he kept climbing into my lap and kissing me. At one point he put his arm around my neck and started touching my ear and stroking my neck. When asked if he was tired the answer was always NO! and then he would climb down to help light the fireworks. Everyone kept looking at the two of us because it is very rare for him to be lovey dovey with me. I tend to keep my distance as well letting his dad pretty much take care of him. It is hard to hear a running commentary about what his mom said, what his mom does, and what his mom has.

Divorce/stepfamily reality: I know it is not his fault and I am fully aware of my non-forgiving attitude toward her from when she tried to have the kids taken away. It is an ugly spot in my life that I can't seem to let go. But when her son wants me to hold him and I pick him up and he is as light as a baby I wish that I didn't hate her so much.

The idea was to finish our fireworks in time to watch three different firework shows from our balcony; Jenks, The River, and Drillers Stadium. This year we could barely see the Jenks show because of all the trees. That is strange considering all the limbs and trees we lost during the ice storm. At 10pm we drove to a parking lot by Drillers Stadium and waited for the game to end to see their show. During all the complaining that they couldn't see from the balcony I had failed to whisper that bright idea to my husband, oops!
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    Gee, J. doesn't look at like his dad or anything, nope, not one bit ...