I did the best I could with what I had. I didn't take a sledgehammer and knock out my patio; but, as sore as my back is I might as well have. Can you see the crumbling cobblestone wall? With the lovely re-bar showing through and the metal frame taunting me with a tetanus shot? But this is as good as I can make it without being on Landscapers Challenge.

We did have a landscaping design company come out for an estimate two months ago. The first comment out of the estimator's mouth? "We will definitely use this for our before and afters". Except to get to the 'after' would cost us a mere $40,000! and that does not include a poolboy pool.

7:30 a.m. Saturday morning I was outside pulling weeds and water grass out of this flower bed.

Saturday afternoon I had transformed the shallow planting bed into something I could look at without griping about stupid it is to have a planter 12 inches deep. My husband helped me spread the mulch. The lady we bought the house from was so completely ripped off by the concrete crew that laid her patio, walls, and flower beds. It all literally crumbles and your feet hurt when you walk barefoot on it.

Sunday afternoon I tackled this lovely portion of our backyard. Such an inviting area to relax by the small pond no? See the huge hosta? I tried to replant it but my spaghetti arms would have nothing to do with a shovel so the man of the house stepped in and planted it next to our shed.

Look at that! I actually might sit and relax in my own backyard. But it is really just for show unless you are immune to mosquitoes. Still, it at least looks tranquil.

This is a view from the tranquil side of the yard looking at the "Watch Me!" area the kids play in. I even put a comfy chair facing the trampoline so I can comfortably be astounded by how high the kids can jump and push each other. Have I mentioned the crumbling patio yet and how much I hate it?

I did leave the mosquito breeding ground alone. But my husband poured bleach into the water and put one of those mosquito deterrent poison rings in the bottom clam. Hopefully, the birds won't be thirsty for a while.

But you know what I did NOT tackle? What I just cannot wrap my head around on how huge this pile has gotten but am so incredibly thankful it is not in the front yard?

THIS! I see a lattice partition in my future.

I do have a plan and that plan involves an inground pool which would involve excavation. Excavation would mean destroying the patio, walls, and planter. Have I mentioned that I despise my patio?

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2 Responses
  1. Sandra Says:

    I think it looks great, as a matter of fact, I only wish mine looked liked yours :)

    I think I am going to go make some more Orange Cake now....LOL

  2. Crockstar Says:


    I really should be more grateful that we have a big backyard with plenty of room for the kids. But when I think of all the work that is involved with the crumbling patio I get a little overwhelmed. I remember your post with your kids in the backyard and your open clean yard looked wonderful to me. Want to trade? :)