My high school reunion is next weekend. I didn't go to my ten year reunion because it was the same weekend I moved from Chicago to California. This time I am much closer, just an hour away so I will be going to the Friday night mixer. Finding a babysitter was not easy and I just do not feel like going through the same hassle for an additional night. Besides, can you believe what babysitters charge now days??! I was floored when I called a babysitting service and the prices were around $10-$15 an hour. Come on! There are guys on my shop floor with technical degrees running machinery that could cut their head off and they don't get paid that much when they start.

I think my husband was hoping there wouldn't be an available babysitter to be found but he got the soul crushing news that I found one yesterday. He gets to go to my reunion! He couldn't be happier.

We are going to have some of my old classmates and their families over on Sunday after the reunion wraps up. It should be fun and chaotic with kids way outnumbering the adults. But before then I have some work to do. No, not lose the ten pounds I put on since marrying the love of my life two years ago. Besides that would still make me 15 pounds heavier than what I was in high school. I was an absolute freak. 5'8" and 100 lbs with a spiral perm that was bigger than my whole body. What a nightmare, or as my best friend LouAnn will tell you, "Kim had the longest ugly stage of anyone we knew" uh-huh, thank you may I have another.

Anyway, I will not be working on starving myself instead I need to pick up and tidy the backyard. The same backyard that I would pay a gazillion dollars if someone would just come with a backhoe and tear it ALL out then haul away all the crap the previous owner installed and planted. Seriously, I HATE our backyard. I try not to think about how much I hate it and that is why I have to drink adult beverages anytime we sit out on the patio furniture. Otherwise, I just start listing off the things that have to go. This drives my husband crazy because he will take me serious and start telling me all the other projects we have going inside the house to bring our house from 1970 to 2000, not even 2008, just 2000 in fact I will settle for 1995. See, I went off on the house again.

This weekend will find me sweeping, picking up limbs from the ice and wind storms we had, last winter. Finding forgotten shoes in the underbrush beneath the trampoline. Pouring bleach into the fountain to kill the mosquito nation that made it their breeding ground. Planting the enormous hostas we were given that I jumped on but then was too exhausted and hot to plant. I just can't decide. How long would it take me, wielding a sledgehammer, to take down the patio retaining wall? Can I get it done in a day? Could I put all the debris over the fence where the house is for sale and empty? I need to shut up he is going to kill me.....
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