I am exhausted. Exhausted from doing nothing. I have been randomly selected two times to be one of the juours on the jury panel. Both times one of the lawyers have excused me on their pre-emptive strikes.

The first case was a criminal case where the possible punishment would have been life in prison. The defense lawyer excused me. I think when I had to tell the court my experience with lawyers was the one we have been paying because of custody modification. The assumption from my fellow juours was that it was my divorce case when in fact it is my husband and his ex wife.

The next case was a civil case. A man is suing a woman due to an accident they had in 2004. She had already admitted fault for hitting him from behind and he now is suing for money on top of the insurance money he has recieved.

I was asked if I was ever in a car accident. I had been, a large extended cab Dodge Ram had hit me from behind two years ago and I in turn hit the car in front of me. This happened on a highway so it was while we were moving. The lawyer for the man suing asked if I received any damages. I said no, just that my car had been totaled and I had to get another one.

That was the only time I spoke besides telling my married status, where I worked, and where my husband worked. So either he didn't like where I worked, what I looked like (I wore a suit), or he didn't like that I did not take my opportunity to sue.

I was glad not to be on that jury. I am uncomfortable with awarding money for accidents, on top of what insurance covers. I get that not all people have insurance and taking someone to court is the only way to get money for damages medical, car, loss of work, etc. It was pretty obvious this lady had nothing, nothing and I do not think I would have been impartial so I think the right decision was made, removing me from the jury.

However, now I get to report to the jury pool at 8:30 this morning and sit. It was nice actually knowing what you were going to do for the day and engaging your brain. I have met some super great people. The stories you hear. Amazing the things people have gone through.

A lady that is a hospice nurse told me that her oldest son had dies a year and a half ago. He was 27. I started to cry but she held her composure. She has/had worked through her grief and she is positive she will see him in heaven and she has peace that he is with the Lord. Her story was amazing.

I have to run. Thank you so much Tresh, Sandra and Mississippi Songbird for the comments. I think today will be my last day if I am not put on a jury. There are only two more to be called.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    why is sitting around doing nothing SOOO tiring??? I don't know why either but is sure is! just like waiting at the Hospitol..I so hope today is your last. I say once they dismiss you from any case you should be released! who knows, maybe you are having to go through this to make you appreciate your day job! you know the one you thought was boring until you were called for jury duty! ha tresh