We went to Anna's first grade Alphabet Play last night. She was the letter I. It was really cute and each kid had a speaking part. Four first grade classes, 18-20 kids in each, so yea, it was not exactly a short play but it was pretty cool that they could pull it off.

Anna had been telling me everyday how she was the loudest one (remember) and that the whole gym could hear her. Believe me I had no doubt she was right.

However, I was not prepared for the ear piercing, bone crunching, sound that came when she grabbed the microphone, rammed it into her mouth and yelled, "Wait, I have something I need to get straight!!" At once, the entire audience sucked all the air out of the gym. The shock of having their breath knocked out through their eardrums was more than some infants and toddlers in the audience could bear.

One of the parents turned back to look at me and I just smiled and said, "She is ALL mine and and I love her! Hasn't your baby ever heard a police siren? Gosh!" Well, I didn't say that but I sure was thinking it. We loud ones have to stick together.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I heard it too! 150 miles down the turnpike! She was great! the letter "I" was always my favorite letter name should have been spelled with it....I crave the letter "I" .....

    Aunt Tresha