I am a loud talker, always have been. My sister's tried to get me to talk quieter my whole life, mostly by shaming me. It didn't work. My daughter is loud, very loud just like me and my ex-husband. I sometimes cringe at how loud she can be and I try to instill an "Inside Voice" into her repertoire. It's not working.

But today, her voice was used to her benefit.

She was picked to do morning announcements. Normally, the 5th graders have this responsibility, but for some reason the first grade classes were asked to do the Weekly School Kickoff.

She did great! It was in the gym with the whole school there much like a pep assembly. There was a microphone set up in front of the gym and she grabbed a hold of the mike and brought it up to her mouth and with a loud but clear voice welcomed her elementary school to Monday, March 31, 2008.

Maybe if I had known it was going to be in the gym in front of the whole school instead of in the library over the PA system I might have insisted she not wear her favorite tennis shoes. The front of the toes are completely worn thin with gray fibrous string and netting barely covering her toes. Wonder if that look will prompt a lice check today?

Have I mentioned my car? The inside door panel on the driver's side has pulled away from the actual door. One of these days I will go to shut it and I will be holding, by the handle, the inside door panel but my drivers side door will remain wide open. When that day happens everyone will hear my mind snap because I will NOT be using my inside voice, not at all.
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