So we took the girls bowling instead and they had so much fun.

Mercy Me was going to be at the Mabee Center which seats 11,000. The tickets were only $10 and there were 5 bands performing. Tickets went on sale at 6 p.m. and the concert started at 7. We had a babysitter for the 4 year old and it was just going to be the four of us.

When we got to the Mabee Center the parking lot was closed. TD found a way in and that is when we found out it was sold out. The girls were so disappointed, and so was I and TD was in disbelief that a Christian concert would sell out that fast.

We decided to go bowling instead. This is the first time just the four of us have done anything together and it was great! The girls really like hanging out with each other, and without having to entertain a 4 year old TD and I were able to relax and enjoy watching the girls have fun.

You can't even tell that Anna has Tylenol and Motrin coursing through her body to bring down a low grade fever can you?

There were times when Anna threw dropped the bowling ball I thought she would create a hole in the floor.

TD's daughter kept getting better each time she threw? rolled? her ball.

Anna has enough excitement for the both of them to make up for the 9 year old's quiet enthusiasm of a shot well done.

The area of my life that is the hardest for me, being a stepmom, was actually pretty great last night. I am so thankful for our family and what a great match God brought together with our girls.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone looks happy...totally digging Anna's bowling outfit too! makes the shoes not look so goofy!!! haahahahaa

    her FAVORITE Aunt Tresh

  2. Tresh-
    She was so upset how big the socks were. It "threw her whole outfit off" is what she said. Seven year old Diva, fabulous!