The BEST game ever. Though I will probably no longer be getting flowers for Valentines. I have proof that working on my house has gone to my head. I ranked "window seat" in my top three right after Big Cities and High Heels. I thought "window seat" was referring to a w-i-n-d-o-w seat, the one that you build in front of a bay window. I didn't even get that it was window or aisle? and I lived in an airplane 5 months a year......

What a great night! Our friends came over and she brought the game. She and I had worked together but our husbands had just met once before. It was fun. I would highly recommend this game.
And check out my new header. I guess I really was the only one that knew it was condensation on the lid of a crock pot. Because my friend is a super talented Graphic Designer, she gave me a great idea to use a vintage crock pot. I got my old one out and took some pictures and then played in Paint Shop Pro. I was feeling all creative today. It is just before 9 and TD and I are going to bed. Kids went to bed at 7. Saturday night was too much fun for everyone.
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  1. scrybil Says:

    What a fun night! I CANNOT believe we stayed so late... You should have thrown us out hours before. Did you notice that the length of Whoonu is listed at 15 minutes? And we turned it into 2 or 3 hours! Must have been that fab wine you were serving!