I talked to Anna last night. She is having a good time in San Antonio with my sister and her cousins.

She was in the middle of brushing her teeth when I called and she needed to go because as she stated, "They are letting me watch TV tonight so I need to hurry."

This is a big deal for her because we do not have too many restrictions on TV watching time just not on the weekends when they can be playing instead. Her cousins are only allowed one half hour of "screen time" everyday and they left yesterday to visit relatives. Anna will miss them but if the trade off is more TV then I think she will survive.

But she does want to talk to me. I am to call her at 2:00 this afternoon and I am not to forget. I have some leeway in the time schedule though because she said I needed to call her at 2 but if it was 2:30 that would be okay too. I am sure this is to give her some room in case I call during a particularly intense time of Spongebob.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    so least she is finding the time to "schedule" you in during her vacation time...she misses you its just in her own way!

    Aunt T