I just bought all the summer clothes I will need for under $150. Seriously! It amazes me that I was so label conscious when I was younger. Since being a buyer and going to the shows in China, Vietnam, Phillipines, India, etc., where most of our clothing comes from, I realized that exactly the same factory was making exactly the same clothes for designers and for mass chain stores. It was a huge eye opener for Ezgi and me when we saw a pair of shoes at the Canton Fair for $2.90 US sell for $109 US at Dillards under the Cole Haan label. (They were light tan with orange accents with the bungee laces)

Yes, some things do change, the weight of the cotton, the double over stitching specs, but essentially the same. Everyone that works in purchasing knows this. We all get a chuckle when people say how much they paid for something because it had a designer tag sewn in, yet the same article of clothing will head to JCPenney with a different label.

All this does not mean I live for cheap clothes. Uh no. Not quite. But now days I refuse to pay certain prices because the markup is 1600%. Even harder for me for home decor.

This is what I bought and I think they are pretty cute and will last through the summer.

I got these at Target for $22.99

I got this skirt at Wal-Mart for $14.84. Mine is Black with White embroidery

I got these at Walmart for $14.92 and a Blue and Green on too!

I didn't get this exact shirt but I bought two very similar at Wal-Mart for $11.92 a piece. One is black and white, the other is green with a dark blue and white floral design. So cute!

I bought these shorts in green for $10 and the sweater in the same green for $7, both from Wal-Mart.

The shoes are from Target for $22.99

What do you think? I think I did great!
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