Remember when you were a kid and you had the Coolest older cousin? or the neighbor kid you thought was so great?

Anna has someone. She thinks the world of this girl and considers her one of her 'bestest' friends. This champion horse rider allowed Anna to hang out with her for almost a full week last summer. Anna talks about her all the time. Jess is fourteen and her mother and I have been friends since Jr. High.

Picture 045

They were in town this weekend at a horse show so we stopped by to visit and let Anna get her Jess fix. One of the best weeks in Anna's life was the time she spent at my friend's home with Jess and her family. Almost a year later Anna will still mention things about that weekend. Well they did let her stay up until 5 a.m.!! It was so great to share my daughter with someone I have been friends with for over twenty years. To me it symbolized what friendship was all about and what I have always wanted, to have my kid(s) grow up with my friend's children.

But probably the coolest thing is one of their family pets.

Picture 040
Game over! I cannot compete with a horse.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what a precious baby! oh...and Anna too! :)