I work in a predominently male environment. There are 85 people that work in my particular building and only four of us are women. Guess what that means? I get to clean out the refrigerators!!! Yes, that is right because I have breasts I have been designated to clean all four refrigerators, and two of them are located in the machine shop break room.

I am a salaried employee not hourly or temp (not that an hourly or temp should have to either just saying). I don't even eat here at work! But here is the secret. I post the "Clean Out Fridge" sign that is emailed to me before a holiday, but....ssssshhhh....please don't tell, I have never once cleaned out the refrigerators. A little passive aggressive I know but I don't have any cleaning supplies and frankly at this point they need a good power washing.

Here is the email I always get two weeks before a shop closing holiday:

Refrigerator Clean Out

The Company provides the refrigerators for our use and for Company related events. At this time the support and cleaning related to them is assigned to us, rather than the janitorial service.

All help in this regard is appreciated, and if someone else in your area would like to volunteer to do this "other duty as assigned", that's okay (let me know before the next holiday), but in the meantime Donna has asked that we be sure the following is taken care of:

· Food: If anything in the refrigerator is black, green or fuzzy (yuck), throw it away
· Condiments: As long as nothing foreign is growing on or in it, it can stay, otherwise throw it away
· Wipe Down: Using whatever cleaner is available in your area (glass cleaner, 409, etc.) and some paper towels, wipe out the major spills and junk

Remove the clean-out sign and we're good until the next Holiday!

All these years of wearing Miracle Bras and I finally get noticed for it.
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