My sister is coming up from Waco to visit. She will bring her totally adorable offspring and we are excited!

Anna does not get to watch TV Friday night, at all. (I think I probably grounded myself with that punishment) She was suppose to write her spelling words 10 times each. I compromised with her and let her write them five times while watching Disney but she had to write them another five times when she went to bed. I am putting her in bed last night and remembered the spelling words.

Me: Oh, I forgot! let me go get the spelling words from downstairs. You get into bed.
Anna: Okay, but let me get them out okay?

As I am walking down the stairs I realize that I am about to be disappointed in my daughter. I was really hoping I was going to be wrong. Uh no, sadly I was right. She wrote three of her ten spelling words a couple of times. Great! Already avoiding homework at seven. When they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree they might mean the apple is still attached to the tree in my case since she is doing everything earlier.

I spent more time avoiding homework and making excuses and covering up then it would have taken me to actually do my homework.

We will also go see J and Mac at the horse show here in town. Anna absolutely worships J and has an 'abstract' painting to give her. I am just excited to see inside of a customized horse trailer.

And our biggest attraction for the mom has a 'gig', or what TD and I have been calling a gig, at her church. She is in the talent show they are having on Sunday. She will be playing the oboe. She has never even touched an oboe until three weeks ago. This should be awesome!
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