I am old and boring. I still picture myself as a 26 year old and get a little jolt when I walk past a mirror and see my mother. I am not sure when this happened to me and I want to place the blame somewhere because God knows it can’t be my fault. Not me, just because certain popular music sounds exactly like nails on a chalkboard doesn’t mean I have gotten old. How about that cute sundress at Wal-Mart? That just makes me thrifty, like shopping in a vintage store, right?

My infamous statement at eight months pregnant, “Nothing is going to change. I will still have my same life and I will eventually move back to Chicago, maybe not Lincoln Park but for sure Wrigleyville or Wicker Park.” The ladies I worked with did a good job of holding back their laughter as I waddled away.

(I try as hard as I can to remember if I ever saw a car seat on the El or someone putting one into a cab. I don’t think I ever saw one. I know I saw little kids, didn’t I? Breeders had to live amongst the hip, partying, professionals, but where? Surely there were couples with more than just a yellow lab in there possession going to brunch at Stanley’s or McGees. They don’t all move to the burbs once with child do they?)

I went out Friday night with Ezgi, the other buyer from my last job. When we made plans she asked me if I wanted to eat dinner or just get drinks after dinner. I elected for drinks after dinner, how about 7? OH MY GOSH!! When did going out later change from 10:30 p.m. to 7? Ezgi asked me if I would have to force down my dinner at 3 p.m. in order to be ready at 7. Her singledom ignorance showed. She didn’t even know it would be at 4 o’clock. Everyone knows that is when the blue plate specials are served. Geez.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    join the club...I feel fat and frumpy in my mid 30's too....where did this mentality come from? I can't even make it through the 10:00 news without falling asleep..we will be out with friends and I will be yawning at the sad.