My husband and I drove down to San Antonio this weekend to spend Easter with my dad and his wife. When we passed through Ft. Worth I spotted a large billboard with a white background and bold black lettering, "I am so over you Sarah Marshall". I had a little chuckle thinking hmmm, this guy is totally getting back at his girlfriend.

After about 20 minutes and traveling less than 2 miles (horrible, horrendous, excruciating traffic) I see another big white billboard, "My mom always hated you Sarah Marshall". I thought Wow! this guy is serious. So funny and what perfect revenge albeit he obviously is not really that over her. I tell TD to look and we see a website listed on the bottom of the billboard.

Apparently, we are not as hip to the entertainment scene as we previously thought. We even get Entertainment Weekly! Check out this website.

(I watched The Hills tonight for the first time and I am embarrassed to ask is it a real reality show or a pseudo reality show? please tell me because I must feed my craving to be always be current)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG! ALWAYS ASK THE FRIEND WITH THE TEENAGER ABOUT THESE THINGS FIRST...AND START WATCHING SOME MTV FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! ok, The Hills is a spin off from the ever popular Laguna Beach...yes I was hooked to this teen drama myself..we own the DVD's. and yes, the stories are real..the 2 real main girl characters from Laguna Beach, one was a sr. and the other a jr. both were fighting over the same jerkwad guy..who was a sr. at the end of season one, the characters of Laguna Beach graduate, the 2nd season shows them coming back and forth and co-mingling with the new Sr.s and lauren, the Sr. cannot make it in college so she goes off to be some fashion designer (this is real)as well as start her own show The the pseudo part is that she is somehow in charge of very prestigious fashion shows and has connections...but...she has a best friend on the show and in real life (kind of like paris and Nicole...please tell me you know who I am referencing..) and on the show and in real life they have this HUGE falling out...they were in People magazine dork....geez oh pete....keep up!

    aunt T