My twenty year high school reunion is quickly approaching, too quickly if I want to look ten years younger by July. I didn’t attend my ten year reunion because the weekend before I had moved from Chicago to Redondo Beach and I just couldn’t fit the reunion into my anxiety ridden schedule.

I was looking forward to the twenty year reunion. Seeing Ree’s pictures of her class which graduated before me was pretty cool. Some of those people in her pictures looked exactly the same as they did when they harassed and intimidated us because we were lowly juniors. There are some girls that went way beyond the scope of a small town inflicted “Rush Week”. They had a few issues with juniors dating their the guys in their senior class.

"Hands off sister or we will kick your a** at McDonalds Friday night!" (Izod, Add-a-bead, harachi wearing puny self)

Our own class of ’88 had its share of problems. Those stupid, beer chugging, womanizing boys and the girls that thought that going out once to a movie or Seekers teen club meant they would be a couple forever. They would settle down, buy a trailer on some land, build a house, and coach their kid’s softball team.

"Back off sister, he’s mine we talked to each other at the Youth Canteen!" Oh yes! The days of Cherry Vodka and the Silver Bullet, good times good times.

Everyone has memories of high school. Some people wish they had never left and I swear some might actually have had their wish granted when you see them on a visit back home. Others are proud or ambivalent of their high school class and either keep in touch with classmates or sporadically play catch up when they run into a each other.

Then there are the classmates that wish the Silver Wand Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith used in Men in Black was real.

I am not one of them. Sure there are many things I am ashamed of and would hate to have anyone re-tell or to re-live especially in front of my husband or my daughter. But there are some pretty funny things that happened too. Like riding to school with LouAnn the day she drove her car into the parking lot and hit five cars at once. We didn’t have to go to class that day! Some days I felt like I owned the world other days if I made it to the end of the year I thought I would be lucky.

But what about the classmates that can’t think about high school without thinking they played a starring role in a SAW movie? What if they can’t forget being threatened everyday when they walked down the hall? What if their family was even threatened? And what if they carried that burden by themselves and couldn’t explain the crazy to their parents when asked why they are getting hate mail at home or terrorizing phone calls? (The ‘80s equivalent to cyber bullying)

Do you shame that person into going to the reunion? Because My Gosh! it has been twenty years, everyone had hard times and you should be over it by now. Personally, I don’t think so.

Each person out there knows when they graduated. If they did in fact graduate from high school and hadn’t been hit in the head in the twenty years since graduation day then they know there will be a twenty year reunion. There are many ways to get information about an upcoming high school reunion i.e.: Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, School Administrative office, press releases, classmates, newspaper announcements/classifieds, etc. Unless you actually live under a rock, and I bet I have old classmates that do, if you equate Meth and Prison to living under a rock, you know when it has been twenty years since you have graduated.

Apparently my high school reunion is being headed up by the very dedicated volunteers. They are hiring a private investigator to find lost classmates. Not just for the reunion, they stress, but for a directory. I had already received a call from a volunteer looking for me and I had given her the info for people I was still in contact with. It seemed like it was going to be a blast to see everyone after so long.

Let the drama begin! Initially I thought Wow! How cool for our graduating class to have a MySpace page to help locate lost classmates and disseminate information. I feel like I am in high school all over again. The MySpace page has now been set to private so those of us that are not "friends" of BHS 1988 can no longer keep up to date and peek in every once in a while to see who has been added. Too many people were just looking and not joining and coming public. How dare we they?!

Sure, I could join MySpace but I have reasons not to. I have been interested but thought it was a little risky, riskier than a blog among gazillion-trillion other blogs. I have an ex husband who has never seen or spoken to his daughter and I really do not want to open that potential can of worms. My step kid’s mom has a MySpace page and she would love to know all the ins and outs of my life. However, since she tried to have my husband's kids taken away and potentially mine for filing a false abuse charge with DHS I just do not want to make it easy for her to know anything about me. Yes, I can set my profile to private but if I comment then I would want my comments to be private and what is the fun of that?

There have been some ugly emails between the BHS class of 88 reunion organizers and a couple of my friends. The organizers are committed, I give them that, and they did have about 500 people to locate. But to have to “out” yourself, even to just a select few withint the organizing committee, and possibly expose your family to potential problems does not seem the correct way to handle this. Sure it might not be physical harm but possible hassles and headaches that you have avoided by keeping and paying for your information to be private.

Apparently, the Reunion Gestapo has a mandate that if you do not give them all the information they require they will have no choice but to publish what the private investigator finds out even if you have notified them you want no contact. Hope we don't have any battered wives, or abused children in our class of 1988.

I am thinking of posting the emails on my blog to capture the Gestapo-esque handling of gathering information for the absolute, directive of God, commanded by reunion organizers everywhere, complete, without error, class of 1988 directory. However, it is a little embarrassing and it has made my husband say repeatedly, “Now, who are these people? Do you really want to go to this reunion? You grew up in such a small, dinky, one horse town.”

This posting is already way too long and should be edited so I will post more some other time.

(And I just wanted to see what we all looked like without Aqua Net. Waaaaa!)
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