I love Muesli. I am particularly fond of Bircher Muesli because it is so creamy and delicious with a touch of apple. My first experience with this wonderful breakfast was on the breakfast buffet at the Maritim Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. I didn’t try it that time because I was so intrigued with having baked beans and a green salad for breakfast instead.

Monday night I went to Wild Oats to kill time waiting for Anna's dance class to be over. I bought breakfast muesli and live bacteria filled yogurt made from milk from a cow fed from the family dinner table on a farm in Vermont of all places. I added Mott’s Lite Apple Juice filled with juice from apples that were probably grown in a factory with artificial light and caged trees. Sprinkled some ground flax seed into the muesli to ensure I get that perfect ‘S’ Dr. Oz loves to talk about and put it in the fridge overnight. Delicious! This particular type of Muesli already has dried apple bits, golden raisins, and dates so I didn’t need to add anything but sliced bananas. So good! Hopefully I can also make Dr. Oz proud with my ‘S’ shape this afternoon.

I wonder why my mom didn't make us this when we were little. It is so much better than regular oatmeal. The more I traveled the more I saw this creamy white yogurt dish with chunks of granola and various fruit offered at the hotels for breakfast. It seemed to be the breakfast of champions by people brave enough to wear orange pants with a lime green shirt and an equally colorful pashima shawl knotted around their neck. I had to try it and I just prayed it was not cold porridge because I had unfortunately tried that traditional dish. Remember art class in elementary school where you cut up scrap pieces of paper and swished it around in nasty water to make handmade paper pulp? It was like that. Muesli shares the same aesthetic as paper pulp but tastes so much better.

I have tried different types of Muesli but my favorite is the Bircher because of the apple bits and the light sweetness. My husband has oatmeal everyday for breakfast. He boils it for 10 minutes (I think), drains it, and puts honey on it. It is good and ever since we watched Dr. Oz on Oprah say that you should eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and that rolled oatmeal is one of the best ways to start your day TD has been making me a bowl when he makes his. But it is spring now and I am craving change. Who knew that switching up your breakfast dish can actually shake up your routine and usher in spring.
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