Surprise!! My 38th birthday was Saturday and my fabulous husband has been planning a surprise party for me since February. I had absolutely no idea. He got me out of the house to spend the day with my friend Tricia going shopping and having lunch. Tricia is a huge planner so I thought nothing about her asking me what I wanted to do on my birthday, while I was putting away my Christmas ornaments.

She picked me up around noon and we had a great relaxing day. We went to a wine bar and bistro to have lunch and then went shopping at little boutique stores nearby. The markup was killing me. We went into a store where every article of clothing was made out of crushed linen in either cream, dark tan, or navy. I found a baby pink t-shirt for $95. It was so cheap delicate that I could hold it up and Tricia could see the color of my eyeshadow through it. To make this T-shirt even more over-rated spectacular the edges were left unfinished. Oooh! the labor involved.

We ended up at an outdoor mall where I bought white capris. Love them! Want them in red, khaki, and navy too. They were on sale, $10 off, so I got them for $29. And Stella McCartney would be appalled - they had a finished hem. Can you imagine? the audacity!

We ended up at P.F. Changs and sat outside to have a drink. The whole time I kept saying that I needed to get home TD and the kids needed dinner and I was making oven-fried chicken. Tricia never once let on. That's why when we finally made it home at close to six I was shocked and awed. Take a look:

SURPRISE!!! I loved it! All the kids were there, my close friends were there, and my husband had planned it all. My artistic friend Sonja made the birthday crown that on my pin head looked more like an Indian Headress, but I love it! My kids were so excited and were also led astray because they were not informed about the party until that afternoon. TD did fan-tab-u-lous!!

It was great! But it was really such a blur. And no it was not because of the Mai-Tai at P.F. Changs. It was because no one had ever done this for me before. I just kept thinking of all the effort everyone went through. It almost made me cry. I am tearing up now!

What a wonderful weekend, the best! I just love everyone right now. I could even go give a hug to the neighbor lady down the street who tried to refuse to let my friends park in front of her house, on a public street. Yes, I could even hug the crazy right out of her. But I am going to hug my hubby instead, he so deserves it.
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  1. Jared Says:

    Happy belated Birthday! Looks a great cake. I've been to PF Changs in NYC and it is excellent!