Was Secretary's Day this week? Or The Professional Female Appreciation Holiday? I do not keep up with all the Hallmark holidays. But I did get a gift today. An Aromatique Reed Diffuser with the scent Smell of Spring.

Who knew the Smell of Spring would smack of inequality? I sure didn't but do you think my co-worker, the one who does a job equal to mine get a reed diffuser?? No, HE does not. HE got nothing to commemorate "Happy Professionals Day".

All the women in my company managers, supervisors, directors--oh wait! no women directors got a gift-wrapped present today via corporate mail. I really really want to just be grateful and say how sweet but the normally content almost non-existent feminist in me wants to scream!

Instead I am going to say nothing and be grateful. But if HE comes over even once and says that HIS allergies are bothering HIM because of my Smell of Spring reed diffuser I am going to knock HIM out. HE can clean the refrigerator on Friday before Memorial weekend.

I have absolutely no idea what I will do if one of the 175 guys in my building ask me if the diffuser is what I got for Secretary's Day. I think it will probably rhyme with Coastal.
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