We are all recovering from the storms last night. Tornado sirens went off a little after 2 a.m. and there were several thunderstorms throughout the night and morning. We are all walking zombies in my office. Some people had to wait a few hours to come in due to flash flooding a.k.a. sleeping in. (I kid)

The kids knocked on our door a few hundred times last night, just in case we didn't hear the thunder that turned our house into a Sub-Woofer. When the tornado sirens went off we had them all go downstairs to wait it out and watch the news. At 3 a.m. the tornado warning was over for our area and we had the kids go back upstairs to bed. We let them all sleep together with the lights on thinking at least we could get some sleep. The last time they knocked on our bedroom door (#101), the girls told TD that their 4 year old brother was scared. TD said yea that's because it's loud and closed the door. My immense capacity for sensitivity and compassion is rubbing off on him. LOL! The pink elixer benadryl will be flowing tonight.

Have you seen this? So incredible even if their country makes poison tainted consumables.

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  1. Springtime weather in the midwest sure has it's ups and down . I hope you are all able to catch up on the sleep you lost.