Every single time she doesn't get her way she shuts down, pouts and is just downright hateful (if she was older I would call it what I really think it is, bitchy). Ignore her? Send her to her room? Take Webkinz away? No TV? what? How do I instill respect when I can't respect myself for how angry her arguing and attitude makes me?

If I can't get an attitude, respect for authority, or honesty under control at seven what chance to I have when she is a teen?

I feel so pathetic as her mother. Somedays I feel like the parenting thing is rockin and rollin. Then something happens and it just sets me in my place. So many times I just want to give up, knowing I can't but it still crosses my mind. Maybe my standards are too high or too controlling?

It really bothers me when I drop my daughter off at school after reading her the riot act for her attitude. This is beginning to happen more and more. I can't give up and just say Oh, well! she will grow out of it. What if she doesn't? Don't I have a responsibility to parent her?

I know this, her arguing with me is stopping today(100th time I have said that). It has become such a habit I don't even realize I am participating until my blood starts boiling. But starting the day griping at her is not good for either of us and I just can't do it anymore.
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  1. anneglamore Says:

    I figure my kids aren't around to make ME miserable, so I always sent them to their rooms to finish whining/crying/screaming/whatever.

    When they could come out and apologize I said great, gave them a hug, and we went on. It helped a lot.

    If you haven't read John Rosemond's Parent Power I highly recommend it. Sounds like you have plenty on your plate!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do not get into the argument with her! let it hard to do...but you are encouraging the arguing by yelling back and engaging in more ugly conversation. say it and be done..she will fight and say NO or whatever but IGNORE it and just make sure your order is carried out and you are done. I use to have this same problem too!!!

  3. Crockstar Says:


    I started reading your blog when you posted your parenting advie on WFMW. You are right and I need to be more consistent with sending her to her room. I have not heard of Parent Power. Things were doing pretty good after I read Love and Logic and applied those principals. I have just gotten mired down in the muck with her out of habit. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Crockstar Says:

    Anonymous (Tresh?)

    Yes, I need to not argue with her. She does just expect it and when I don't she thinks she has really done it now. It seems like lately I am joining in the debate without even realizing it, just out of habit. When my husband is around he picks up on it right away and stops it. When he does this I realize that I had no idea she was arguing with me. Crazy but something I need to work on. Thanks!