We had a great time Saturday night. TD and I went to a fundraiser for Street School, a private, non-profit alternative school of choice. Their theme was The Outsiders, written by Tulsa native S.E. Hinton. They had great food from different restaurants and caterers located in the tulsa area.

You could choose to dress up or not and we decided to try and dress for the occasion. It was easy for me; white shirt, neck scarf from the '90s and rolled up jeans. TD was a greaser, so not what he would have been in high school. I don't think TD ever did anything wrong growing up much less in High School. He tells me that he got straightened out in 2nd grade by a nun that hit him so hard with a ruler he never again misbehaved. He never once spent a day inside of an In-School-Suspension room. I don't think he even skipped a class. I married a perfect one didn't I?

My friend Sonja and me? I am pretty sure we would have lived on the "right" side of the tracks with the Soc's but we would have been all about Ponyboy and his crew, there is not a doubt in my mind.

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