I have kept every piece of "art" that Anna has every created. I thought if I didn't, I would be a horrible parent that didn't see the significance of macaroni glued on construction paper. I even kept the finger paintings that just looked like one color of stiff tempera construction paper. But maybe there was meaning in the swirl of paint? What if she asked me for that particular "art" piece later? Would I single-handedly have destroyed a future artist's career by admitting I threw it away?

But then there were the folders that came home every single day in kindergarten and the after school day care at church. Her art was taking over rubbermaid bins. My OCD won out over my bad parent complex. From then on I would review her artwork and decide if it was a keeper or not; praising her and telling her how wonderful she did. After she would go to bed I would throw away the pieces that I did not want to keep. She never noticed! Typical of a single mom, worrying about the future guilt that will be heaped upon me just because her father and I didn't work out......bleh!!

A couple of weeks ago someone had a great idea for storing kids art work on Works For Me Wednesdays at Rocksinmydryer. Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a Memory Album and some extra inserts. I divided up Anna's artwork by age and put it in the folder by category.

Isn't it great? Easy to see, easy to look through.

Look at that Q-tip snowflake and puzzle piece Christmas ornament. Is there a more talented child than mine???

Once I had filled the pages from her preschool days when she was four I put the back cover on.

Obviously, I still have some issues with guilt. TD suggests zip ties........

2 Responses
  1. louann Says:

    If keeping toddler art is what makes a good parent, I am in trouble!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yes, that looks like easy storage..