Our church has a two services on Sunday, traditional and contemporary. We attend the traditional. TD has too much high church catholic in him to be able to go to the contemporary service.

When we first started dating he went to church with me. I was attending a fairly large church downtown that had a terrific and active singles program. I loved the services. The music was great and not too "rock-n-roll" for me, and the minister had sermons that were relevant to my life.

TD went a few times and each time he was uncomfortable with the occasional, and I mean occasional raising of hands. However, if there was one person in the congregation that raised their hand TD saw it. We wanted to find a good church where our kids would get involved and one where we could join a small group. The only request TD had was to please attend a church where as he stated:

"A church where there aren't so many people asking questions."

For me that was just fine. Considering I attended one of the strictest Christian University in the U.S., I was not super comfortable, myself, with all the questions.

However, I was just starting to listen to Christian contemporary music. I had switched to this genre of music now that my daughter was old enough to repeat back lyrics of songs. (Uh, come on Gwen Stefani how could you with the whole banana "cheer" song???) TD understood this and has encouraged me with purchases of Mercy Me music and even a concert.

So really it is HIS fault that I am completely stuck on this song, since he got me this CD.

If I promise not to ask a question can we go to the contemporary service on Sunday, just this once? And definitely not TWO questions at the same time.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think I saw a couple of people asking two questions at once on that video!
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day and enjoy your flowers.
    I love you with all my heart!

    ~Your Loving Husband