The girls have been waiting for 4 weeks to go see Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus in 3D. The day finally came!

I had thought the tickets were for the 3 o’clock showing but when I looked it was the 5:15! Smack dab during the Super Bowl!

I had been planning on making The Pioneer Woman's fabulous, and oh so good, Marlboro Man Sandwiches on mini French bread loaves. In fact, I could not wait to have one of those sandwiches. The sauce/gravy it makes is to die for! The first time TD and I made these we both were amazed at how simple yet so good this sandwich was and I have been dying to find another reason to make them. I had my 35 extra Weight Watcher points and I was going to spend it on the buttery sauce! (Don't ask me to find out the points for this recipe, I don't even want to know)

Sunday morning I started scrambling trying to figure out how to be in two places at once. I even had the idea that I could go into the movie theatre with the girls, get them situated, give them a cell phone, and tell them to call me when it is over. The oldest is 9, would this be wrong? The 7 year old thinks she is 9, they could do it, they probably wouldn’t even know I was gone; we only live 4 blocks from the movies. (I could come up with another 10-20 excuses, but then it would prove I don't have my priorities where they should be and do I need any more ammo?)

That idea went right out the door when I let it slip what I was thinking said it out loud to their father. Uhhhh-nno! I had to go with them......

It was still early, around 9:30! I knew there was a showing at 11a.m. maybe we could trade our tickets!

I rushed around and got us all ready. We drove the 4 blocks to the movies at 10:35am and the parking lot is FULL! Hmmmm. I tried anyway. All shows were sold out, all week long. Had been for 2 weeks. See, I do some things well; I bought the tickets before New Years.

Now we have missed church because I tried to flake out on my own girls. But what a BEAUTIFUL day! The kids rode bikes all day, we sat on the front porch reading the paper, the dog and cat lay in the sun on our sparse grass. It was a great Sunday! Except for the not going to church thing I think we did pretty good relaxing and enjoying "the Christian Sabbath". (all we needed was the afternoon nap)

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus (how weird-they are the same person but a marketing G-E-N-I-U-S) was fantastic!!! The girls sat in their chairs mesmerized, I think with the whole 3D effect. I was positive there would be dancing (that would have blown my Sabbath thing) but No, they stayed in their seats, weird.

We got home and the house smelled DELICIOUS! TD had gone ahead and made the sandwiches and had put the meat in the crock pot. It was soooo good.

OH! The girls asked which team I was rooting for. Right at that moment Tom Brady was on the TV. I said HIS team! But I had to switch to Eli Manning when TD reminded me and the girls that Tom Brady got his girlfriend pregnant and then moved onto Giselle. Since we had to have the whole Jamie Spears/Zoey 101 talk I was obliged to be a responsible parent and take my support of Tom Brady back. Grrrrr, these celebrities and their fabulous examples………….
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