Something happens to me and TD when we are kid free. We forget the packed freezer of prepared-in-advance meals and the Joy of Cooking at home. Or how much I absolutely love my Crock Pot and how we are committed to debt reduction. During child free weekends Dining OUT is the name of the game.

When my daughter is spending the weekend with her grandmother, Marmie; and TD’s kids are not with us for the same weekend we try and take full advantage of the free time.

During these child free moments I live like a teenager/frat boy. If I unwrap something I just leave the wrapper where I unwrapped it; not wasting a precious moment to walk the 2 feet to the trash. When I take off my shoes, let’s say, in the middle of the floor; they will stay there the entire weekend unless I wear them again. Towels? They drop on the floor. Bed? Completely unmade. Dishes? What dishes?? We are Dining OUT.

We didn’t even drink coffee at home! We went to Starbucks and bought a paper and read it THERE. Because we could. I had run out of milk for my coffee and I Was. Not. going to the grocery store on a FREE weekend.

In a way, drinking coffee at Starbucks was frugal, we didn’t have to use our money for Starbucks because my dad and his wife gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas. So I kept my head in the game for some an hour of the weekend.

Saturday night we met some friends for dinner. We all had a great time!! So much fun, so much conversation. She and I used to work together and it had been so long since we had seen each other. They actually met TD on our second or third date.

My friend’s husband ordered every dip they had. Notice the empty basket of chips. ElGuapo is not known for their legendary service. Not. At. All. (it's big brother McNellie's has excellent service though)

Service was not that spectacular. But the company of adults? AWESOME!!

We also went to the mall. But that is another post because I have found the HOLY GRAIL for jeans. LOVE THEM!!!!!
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    totally love Mexican food...totally love eating out too...looks like a great time.

  2. scrybil Says:

    And a great time was had by all... Thanks for making us famous! Can't believe you didn't get pics of those beautiful flautas, though...