I love making a roast for Sunday dinners. They remind me of home and make me feel all Hannah-Homemakerish. Sometimes it is pork loin and sometimes I choose beef, but my family likes them both. We just refer to it as "Meat" since all three kids are miniature carnivores.

My dad and his wife took us to a very nice restaraunt here in T-town, Mahogany's, for our pre-Christmas dinner. TD and I had already reviewed the menu and we knew the kids could almost eat an entire steak on their own. So when we ordered the 12oz filet for the three of them to split. My dad was not sure we had ordered correctly, "Don't you think that is too much for them?" he asked. We told him no, while thinking to ourselves they will still ask for more from the rest of us.

They did not disappoint---well unless you think we should be raising vegetarians---then yes, it would be disappointing because they ate. it. all. And just like we thought, wanted more. OH! the parmesean corn! Total hit! The kids even asked the waitress for the recipe.

Sooooo, back to the roast, it is simple, fall apart tender, and smells so good while cooking you might be prone to eating your arm-----but that is cannabalism not to be confused with carnivores.

This particular Pot Roast recipe (I have several different variations that I make up) calls for the following ingredients:
  • 3-4lbs Bottom Round Roast
  • Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper
  • Steakhouse seasoning (I LOVE this stuff, and the garlic pepper grinder--WOW!)
  • Minced Garlic (you can mince fresh but who has time on Sunday morning?)
  • Packet of Dry Italian Seasoning mix
  • 2 tbls Seasoned Rice Vinegar
  • 1 heaping tbls of beef base (if you have a can of beef broth use it instead, I didn't)
  • one small onion cut into quarters or thick rings
  • Last but not least BACON GREASE!!!

In a bowl, that will fit your roast, mix together equal parts, enough to coat, kosher salt, cracked pepper, and the steakhouse seasoning--I bet any type of steak rub would be great too. Coat all sides, even the ends.

Since I am sure everyone feeds their family a fabulous breakfast of bacon and eggs each morning then use the bacon grease from breakfast.

Oh I am soooo kidding!! I told the 4 year old to get some peanut butter crackers out of the snack drawer when he asked for breakfst Saturday morning. But I am pathetic and wanted another cup of coffee while I watched Landscapers Challenge so I couldn't possibly make him anything.

TD had cooked an entire package of bacon for me the night before so I used the bacon grease from that. If you do not have bacon grease you can use vegetable oil. Get the oil pretty hot, I would like to say real hot but what if someone burns themselves am I liable???

With tongs carefully put the seasoned roast into the pan and sear on all sides, keep track of which is the fatty side. This normally take 2-3 minutes on each side depending how hot your oil is. When it is seared on each side, turn down the heat a bit and add the onions to sweat, about 3-5 minutes.

Take the meat and make 'X' cuts in various places on the meat. I like to add quite a bit of garlic if your family doesn't care for it then do 2 cuts on each side.

If using store bought garlic scoop about 2-3 tablespoons into a small bowl. This is to avoid contamination. Using your finger and a spoon stuff the minced garlic into the 'X' cuts. Push the garlic down into the meat as far as you can.

In the Crock Pot pour in 1 1/2 cups of water (or can of beef broth) add the beef base and stir, this will break apart more as it cooks. Add the rice vinegar and stir.

Place the seared roast, fat side up, into your Crock Pot. Pour a packet of Dry Italian Seasoning mix over all and in the water/broth. This will make the gravy even more delicious. Place the onions on top of the roast. If some slide off no bigee, still wonderful in the gravy.

Turn your Crock Pot to Low for 8-10 hours. This can be made to be ready for after church. Change the setting to High for 4-6 hours.

Remove and slice. Pour some of the au jus on top and take some out to use for gravy. Thick brown gravy can be made from the au jus, but who has the time???
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