We were all treated to an impromptu dance routine tonight after dinner. We have learned our lesson from past performances to limit the number to ONE dance. We have endured watched so many different interpretations of High School Musical numbers and Hannah Montana performances.

Anna loves to perform dances or cheers and lives for applause. TD's daughter is more of the choreographer and she can really sing.

I have always jokingly answered the question, "What do you want for your daughter?" with "I just want to keep her off and out of anyplace with a pole." Real flippant of me and half way joking.

However, watching the routine tonight I think I might have to really take up that cause. The moves were downright SCARY. Even TD's daughter has picked up some of the moves. Not quite to the extent as Anna but the backbend with a twist on top of the ottoman was a shocker. Anna sliding down into the splits while flipping her hair.....I can't even write it because it freaks me out.

But they love to perform and they love to perform together. I think the first 30 seconds of each "routine" is the best and then it breaks down into "the moves". We want to encourage them in all their talents. TD's daughter might be a natural runner and she definitely could be in her school or church choir. Anna loves to draw and paint. She has always loved to dance and has copied moves she sees on TV since she accidently watch Coyote Ugly was three.

But if they don't start making their interpretive dance routines more family friendly and less, "I dance for dollars", they might not make it out of the house once they hit puberty!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dance Girls! Dance! (G rated style, that is)