When TD and I started out Total Money Makeover we realized that if we were going to follow Dave Ramsey’s guidance we would need to sell the Accord.

We had a little over three years left to pay at $366 a month. We would need to replace the Accord with something that we could pay for in cash, going strictly by Ramsey’s principles, or get something that was much less and finance for 24 months for around $200 a month.

TD put the car up for sale this past July for the amount we still owed, a little over $12,000. He listed it in Auto Trader and wrote For Sale on the back window…lovely….

Every call he got they immediately did not like the price. It was listed at the Kelly Blue Book value but I think buying a car from a private seller at anything over ten thousand dollars is a hard sell.

Fast forward to January of this year. TD and I were talking about just keeping the car. It was discouraging, all the calls and then the fall throughs. Was it really the best thing? Did we really want to drive a beater like Dave Ramsey says? How much was this going to save us?

Two weeks ago TD got a call from a guy coming into town for the weekend and he was going to buy a car while here no. matter. what. He looked at the Accord twice and decided to buy it!!! Prayers answered!!

But wait! What are we going to drive now? The other car only seats four and there were five of us half of the time. We started looking and really thinking the “beater car” thing over.

This is where being married to TD has been the biggest blessing and wonderful experience I thought possible. He includes me in every decision. He wants my input, and not just because he is suppose to consult me regarding purchases over $50. He consults me because he actually cares what I think and what I see in regards to our budget and how this will fit into our goals.

We decided that we needed a vehicle that would allow us to bring things like, mulch, crown molding, plants, and other large objects purchased at Lowes and Home Depot home with us the very same day we bought them. This meant a SUV or a truck. But then you have to figure out gas mileage………..bleh! Once again, I love my husband.

Drumroll please!!!

We are now the proud owners of a 2000 Toyota 4-runner. We got a GREAT deal on it.

This is how it worked into our budget:

Accord: 3 years and a few months at $366 per month
4-Runner: 2 years at $194 per month.
PLUS!! $30 less a month in car insurance

Isn’t debt reduction great!!!
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